Just that one drop,
and the one who was calm 
lost in the solitude
of his life
and bounded on all sides 
is all on a high 

ripples everywhere… 
Beautiful isn’t it … 
But is this to stay ? 
Hey, u who came
as one 
and made me realise
the beauty hidden in me 
won’t u be there 
for eternity… 
won’t you stir me so 
for eternity !!!

Life is all about the journey …
Accompanied by Solitude, 
Surrounded by emptiness,
Filled with worries …. 
Paths are never found
for all is lost in Time!
Still the journey continues ….

ഇന്നലെകളില്‍ ഞാനാണ്ടുപോയപ്പോള്‍ 

നഷ്ടപ്പെട്ടത് ഇന്നാണ്
പിന്നിട്ട നാളുകള്‍ എനിക്കു സമ്മാനിച്ച 
ജീവാമൃതം തേടി 
ഇന്നലെകള്‍ എന്തെന്നറിയാതെ 
നാളെ കാത്തു നില്‍ക്കുന്നു 
ആ നാളേയ്ക്കു ജീവന്‍ 
പകരാന്‍ ഞാനും …. 


Darkness becoming

Looming large

Enough to cover the light

That forms my life…

O Darkness, you moron!

What a futile act you have engaged in

To seal the eminence,

For its brilliance cannot be undermined

What you merely achieve is

Barring my vision

But for one whose every memory

Good or Bad

Sad or Happy

Painful or relieving

Wasn’t without her presence

Her guidance or her support

O Darkness, what a moron you are

Futility is your bane

Like she, her radiance is my boon

Her memories, her love, her warmth

Her feel, her odour

Her words, Her dreams

And all those strides in life, we took together

Shall always remain fresh

Never shall or can I be deprived of that which was a part of me …

As I breathe I can feel her

As I listen to my heartbeats I can hear her

As I walk the memories of my life I can see her …

She is in me …Well within me…

O you moron of a Darkness…


As her heart bled, I felt hurt
Though her own body ignored it, mine couldn’t
For even tears failed her for years, mine kept rolling
And Atlast I saw them
For her black pearls shone
as light fell on the drop
And about to roll down her cheeks
And there came the rain
Washing away her tears…

Life takes form in a pot

Full of it, but when lost;

Rests deformed in yet

Another, but vacant;

Vision seems to be blurred …. Vagueness, if a trait of the world, why bother going for a lens? I would rather use a cloth and a stick!

Ours is a country where super stars n upcoming stars contend to endorse a drink like Coca Cola … Politicians voice and fight for them …evn to the extent of revoking a bill passed from a state assembly… The MNC consumes precious water belonging to us to produce a chemical drink harmful for consumers and its byprodts toxic for inhabitants near its plant too. All detrimental to our land n people.

Its all happening now… Hairlines receding …. tummy lines curving …memories failing …eye sight falling … head aching …. body arching …. Still fighting …to Survive ! 🙂

The right thing not happening the first time … Understandable …. People say thts life …. But again ..the second time .. A third …Fourth … O Lord … LOST!

Long gone are the times when every other day was speical and what can be called as the best day would keep bettering itself … The best day, today, happens just once every month… On the last day of every month!

At this age, when we should be searching n finding ourselves… They end up finding a partner and to top it off , gets committed! Sacrilege…

I saw a ghost walking past, for the first time in my life, the day i joined this office. The number of such sightings went up alarmings and then it started falling gradually. Now i do see just one ghost twice a day. In the morn and at night! Oh yeah u must hv guessed it .. I work in a software comp now …..

if u got a plan, u r good; if not, u r too good!

Our life is nothing but an image in this world, which is just a reflection of the real one!

Knowing the next moment you may drown, Staying afloat is the most brilliant state to be in. Even the breath you take is relished ingenuously… Feeling the essence!

PAIN is the purest of all feelings

Patience is an art which cannot be successfully achieved always … The parameters keep changing as is it is with the dimensions too … U master one once.. The next time it confronts u in a totally diff perspectIve … keep improvising coz the impediment too is patiently revolting!

Let go what u hv, that u own, which u posses (those which, with time, exhorts u to believe it’s urs n leaves u anyway). Shed. Make urself lighter n lift off… y ply when u can fly !