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Darkness becoming

Looming large

Enough to cover the light

That forms my life…

O Darkness, you moron!

What a futile act you have engaged in

To seal the eminence,

For its brilliance cannot be undermined

What you merely achieve is

Barring my vision

But for one whose every memory

Good or Bad

Sad or Happy

Painful or relieving

Wasn’t without her presence

Her guidance or her support

O Darkness, what a moron you are

Futility is your bane

Like she, her radiance is my boon

Her memories, her love, her warmth

Her feel, her odour

Her words, Her dreams

And all those strides in life, we took together

Shall always remain fresh

Never shall or can I be deprived of that which was a part of me …

As I breathe I can feel her

As I listen to my heartbeats I can hear her

As I walk the memories of my life I can see her …

She is in me …Well within me…

O you moron of a Darkness…


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