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Life takes form in a pot

Full of it, but when lost;

Rests deformed in yet

Another, but vacant;


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Facebook entries….

Vision seems to be blurred …. Vagueness, if a trait of the world, why bother going for a lens? I would rather use a cloth and a stick!

Ours is a country where super stars n upcoming stars contend to endorse a drink like Coca Cola … Politicians voice and fight for them …evn to the extent of revoking a bill passed from a state assembly… The MNC consumes precious water belonging to us to produce a chemical drink harmful for consumers and its byprodts toxic for inhabitants near its plant too. All detrimental to our land n people.

Its all happening now… Hairlines receding …. tummy lines curving …memories failing …eye sight falling … head aching …. body arching …. Still fighting …to Survive ! 🙂

The right thing not happening the first time … Understandable …. People say thts life …. But again ..the second time .. A third …Fourth … O Lord … LOST!

Long gone are the times when every other day was speical and what can be called as the best day would keep bettering itself … The best day, today, happens just once every month… On the last day of every month!

At this age, when we should be searching n finding ourselves… They end up finding a partner and to top it off , gets committed! Sacrilege…

I saw a ghost walking past, for the first time in my life, the day i joined this office. The number of such sightings went up alarmings and then it started falling gradually. Now i do see just one ghost twice a day. In the morn and at night! Oh yeah u must hv guessed it .. I work in a software comp now …..

if u got a plan, u r good; if not, u r too good!

Our life is nothing but an image in this world, which is just a reflection of the real one!

Knowing the next moment you may drown, Staying afloat is the most brilliant state to be in. Even the breath you take is relished ingenuously… Feeling the essence!

PAIN is the purest of all feelings

Patience is an art which cannot be successfully achieved always … The parameters keep changing as is it is with the dimensions too … U master one once.. The next time it confronts u in a totally diff perspectIve … keep improvising coz the impediment too is patiently revolting!

Let go what u hv, that u own, which u posses (those which, with time, exhorts u to believe it’s urs n leaves u anyway). Shed. Make urself lighter n lift off… y ply when u can fly !

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I know for sure when something is not right for me.

You may then ask me, when did I ever feel right?

True …I am not being skeptic but me, just myself.

Still don’t believe I had ever come close  …

But why worry when one has an entire lifetime worth trying …

At least I can move on a happy man having found out all possible ways

which were wrong rather than sticking on to one mistake an entire lifetime

But why lament when I have this moment to myself .. for trial!

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Hanging Mystery!

Hanging or capital punishment should be seen as an outdated tool which has lost its relevance and power in today’s world. If it was meant to be a deterrent for the few disrupting the society from the times, or even before, of Christ the purpose is lost today. This method which has endured till date, even with changing regimes over the numerous years since its acceptance, is now meant for those cases casted under the expression ‘rarest of the rare’, which in itself is no rare occurrence nowadays if one is to judge by the reports making it to the front pages of our dailies.

Hanging – the method embodies barbarism, but at the same time is meant for the barbaric so as to deter the rest from becoming so. The idea was to instill fear in the hearts, just like sowing a seed. The fear of this ultimate punishment awaiting you should dissuade anyone from committing such a crime. But how impractical that is today, is the crux of it which the law makers should acquaint themselves more. The law breakers have galloped on and none of these sporadic incidents of so called penultimate punishment will ever deter them.

One of the many reasons for that; is probably the sheer power of the enviously desirable pleasure, glory or fame which instigates them to commit the wrongdoing. They are not the result of a momentous spur or impulse. All these heinous crimes are pre planned and well executed. That attitude is something to think about; in terms of where, we as a ‘civilized’ society are progressing. And such a categorical punishment, supposed to be the severest, meant for the rarest of rare cases, has been planned for execution after a long 20 years! A crime committed while I was in my 1st Std is still pending to be addressed even as I am completing my third year of work life after graduation, followed by a post graduation. That is a lifetime for many, especially for the ones who are seeking an improvident vicious today. What a dreadful lot of time wasted, if it was meant as a punishment deemed to be a deterrent.

The irony of it is, those next in line attempting a crime of similar proportion are never going to be distracted by a judgement, so ineffective or a time lag like this. And as in this case a ruling according to which the punishment to be executed in a span of 10 days from now was upturned by mere political pressure and that too in a case where  a request for relief from the judgement by the guilty was turned down the supreme head of this country. This, a typical example of how the vote bank politics can rewrite many, if not all, in our democratic country!

It’s high time the system is changed for the better. We need judicial reforms, much stronger laws which need to be implemented effectively. When I say it should be effective it means a punishment termed as rigorous imprisonment should do justice to the literary meaning of that phrase. Not the example of today where an ex-minister found guilty of corruption and termed for one year rigorous imprisonment, has been provided a TV and a cot with mattress in his ‘small apartment’ in jail and just halfway through his term, was even able to manage his way out on parole thrice amounting to more than 90 days, in this time period itself.

Court proceedings and judgements should expedite otherwise the law itself is provisioning the luxury, of time, to these peace breakers thereby prompting many more. Let us not facilitate them to make a mockery of our well conceived constitution and judiciary. We do not need a 20 yr later capital punishment to instill fear in the wrong doers, but rather adopting these stronger fundamentals and executing them appropriately will do more good to our society in future.

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Multum in Parvo

How mysterious his creativity is…
Hidden behind the beguiling veil of flesh,
In its perfections and imperfections
Lie his real art!

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