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The interpretation

The lone fighter : never will i fall … however strong “thou” may; let thou snow & rain on me; thou may blind me with mist;I stand rooted !   This thought came up as a result of my experiences in life.

I always used to complain about the subtle misfortunes I have had. Maybe they seem trivial today considering the greater predicaments I have had to confront later on. Having been placed during the first week of placement season during my MBA program in B school with a package of 5 L.p.a., in the 3rd largest software company in India at that point of time and then towards the fag end of the recruitment season the company itself getting involved in a scam and its promoter getting arrested resulting in the near liquidation of the company and finally a take over. That was enough for the job offer to be disregarded. Later on coming back home jobless, after months of patient anticipation for the right job gets an interview with the cluster manager of a prominent private sector bank. The interview goes well and then clears a couple of other tests too and finally the HR round too goes well. When finally waiting for the call letter after promising feedbacks from the cluster manager himself, one fine day a call comes from the same guy saying I cannot be absorbed since I passed out from a premier institute and that the bank’s HR policies restrict them from local recruitment of students from such institutes. Now, how can one classify this, if the liquidation of the company which recruited me initially was a mere coincidence or pure bad luck.There are no answers for certain things in life. I learnt it my way.. and there is no use complaining. Confronting them is the only way forward, since these are obstacles that ought to be fought and in this battle your mind is the only weapon and shield at your disposal.

Now when I refer to as thou, its meaning is quite obvious I guess. But please do not be of the wrong impression that my saying so is with vengeance or in a mood of reprisal. No I am no atheist. I do believe in a super power. I believe there is some energy that forms the binding force and it controls us as it controls nature. Though I haven’t read bhagavad gita or mahabharatham completely I do have a certain understanding of how the souls are interpreted in it. And I believe that theory, the reason being its rationality itself. So when the scriptures say that the body and the world and all its nuances and magnanimities that we see today, are classified categorically as MAYA and that only your soul is eternal. That being the assumption, then that soul has to be a part of the larger energy which forms the binding force. So then we all human beings are a part of that superpower and we all together form the same power. So then we have that bit of divine nature in us. But in that case do all of us reciprocate the divine features once we are enclosed in flesh and bones, restrained by feelings, senses and the virtue of being enslaved to emotions epitomizing the world of maya. Can we break free.

My opening statement is my attitude towards the same goal. Come what may, I face it with no bias. Karma and dharma determines my course of action. This would take me on the way of truth. Only that, i believe can take me to the supreme power and abet in the rejoining of myself with the larger self.


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Getting started

Here I am. This ought to be a place where i wish to share my feelings and thoughts about everything that does cross my mind. Me starting to blog tonight is quite an irony. Its just today that i read in the paper an article by John Naughton about how unreliably some of the major sites have reacted with respect to Wikileaks. The mention was about Amazon, Ebay and Paypal, all three of them withdrawing wikileaks from their website, all of a sudden, after realizing that their terms and conditions were incompatible with the kind of information published by Wikileaks. The author of the article, Mr. John went on to opine that even bloggers need to be wary as what they publish in their blog sites could possibly disappear overnight under the compulsion of god knows who all…. Anyways since I intend only sharing of feelings and opinions this wont be much of a problem for me , i guess.. Hence, I AM BACK on square one from where I started … HERE I AM, TO STAY though…….

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Hello world!

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